Making the case for a video marketing strategy

There is a real opportunity for legal firms to stand out from the crowd with a focused video marketing strategy. This year, it is said that online video will account for 74% of all internet traffic, a staggering sum that highlights how integral the medium of moving pictures has become to the way we surf the web.

Furthermore, Facebook’s vice president for the EMEA region, Nicola Mendelsohn, has stated that by 2021, the platform could be “all video”. This is significant because Facebook remains the dominant social network, and video content is increasingly being favoured in their algorithm. In fact, it’s the same across the social stratosphere, so brands keen to catch the eye should certainly take note.

However, I’ve noticed that many law firms start ambitious, fully integrated digital marketing campaigns but allow them to wilt over time. This makes it even more important for legal firms to seriously consider hopping aboard the broadcast bandwagon to differentiate themselves. An eye-catching video is the best way to get noticed online with regular, relevant and targeted content the key to winning audiences and establishing your brand as a trusted voice of authority. 

Courting clients with video content

Video is so powerful because it elicits emotional responses in ways that text and standalone still images simply can’t achieve. Our minds are hardwired to react to movement, thanks to millennia of natural programming that has rewarded us for being alert, so it’s no wonder that video has become the leading source of content consumption.

This short film from Michelmores does an excellent job of positioning their brand and informing viewers of their pedigree:

From modest beginnings in 1887 to a formidable team of 62 partners in 2016, the opening photographic montage charts the firm’s history.

The overlaying text against a backdrop of fast-moving cityscapes, contrasted with slow-zooming stills of engineers, mountaineers, and various sportspeople, paints a picture of an active, ambitious firm with real clout. 

The evocative audio track and bold graphics also combine to convey a sense of authority and integrity, framing the firm as a determined, dependable team who are ‘More than just lawyers’.

Video strategies that pass the bar

Sticking with Michelmores, they’ve also published a series of short explainer videos, breaking down complex legal issues and distilling them in plain English, providing a valuable resource for potential clients:

Legal professionals tend to be naturally eloquent, charismatic individuals, so taking this approach and letting the world see who’s behind the brand can really pay dividends.

After Google, YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine, so taking time to film informative pieces and answer topical questions can win the attention of targeted audiences, enhancing your reputation and nudging prospects down the sales pipeline. 

Additionally, as well as our innate attraction to movement, we’re also built to respond to human faces, so having a qualified expert addressing viewers straight down the lens promises to resonate on a deeper level.

Many people can, understandably, find dealing with legal issues confusing, stressful and intimidating, so by putting helpful content at the heart of your video strategy you’ll be proving your worth as a credible outfit that can be relied upon.

Let your clients do the talking

Time and again, marketers rate case studies as the most effective sales tool, and with good reason; telling the story of how you’ve helped others demonstrates that you can walk the walk, reassuring potential clients that you’re capable of achieving similar results for them.

Here, Metcalfes introduce Juliette, one of their previous clients, who outlines the nature of her case and how the firm helped her through it:

Following the ‘Problem, Solution, Results’ method of documenting a client journey, Metcalfes isable to display a caring approach, which goes further than simply winning settlements to ensure clients receive the very best medical care. 

Having a series of ringing endorsements from happy customers is the best way to verify that you can deliver the goods and convince others that you’re up to doing the job for them.

Ultimately, people buy from people, and true stories resonate more than scripted ads, so if you have clients who are comfortable sharing their experiences on camera, it’s definitely worth asking for their input. If you’ve helped them in the past, it’s highly likely that they’ll be willing to repay the favour. 

I’m not saying you should abandon all other content marketing efforts and go all-in on video, but having video content can certainly raise your profile, catching the eye on social media and naturally complementing your other web content.

A video content strategy could include a brand positioning film and a series of informative videos, answering topical legal queries, to win attention, drawing people to your website, and then publish various video case studies on relevant web pages, showcasing your ability to get results for each of your specialist areas.

Video continues to dominate online experiences, so legal firms wanting to stay ahead should definitely start shooting. If you focus on personalising your brand, removing the corporate mask to reveal your talented team and the people they help, prospective clients are sure to judge you favourably.

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This is a guest post by Jon Mowat, Founder of Hurricane Video Strategy.

Jon Mowat

Founder at Hurricane Video Strategy
Jon Mowat is the founder of Hurricane Video Strategy, specialising in building brands with creative video content. 

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