Infographic: 2015 is the year of video marketing

We talk about content marketing a lot on the HighQ blog; it’s where marketing is at right now and only seems to become more and more relevant as customers, clients and audiences spend more time online. But it’s important to remember that it’s not just written content, like blog posts, ebooks or case studies that are valuable to existing and potential clients.

Visual content is increasingly becoming a more effective way of sharing information online, with video marketing leading the way.

In fact, video marketing is the fastest growing method of content consumption online, with a predicted 57% of internet traffic expected to go to video content by the end of this year; the equivalent to four times as much as web browsing and email.

Need more convincing of why you should focus some of your content marketing efforts on video marketing this year? Check out our infographic and see why 2015 is the year of video marketing:

Video marketing infographic


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Susanna James

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