5 reasons content marketing is the new norm for law firms

Law firm marketing is changing. It’s now as much about lead generation as it is about the traditional marketing and communications role, and the responsibility for generating new business is being shared across the firm.

In 2015, legal marketing will change. A firm’s digital assets combined with expertise and people will be the lifeblood of lead generation. Marketing will revolve not just around products and services, but also around great content and content experiences, delivered through carefully crafted multi-faceted campaigns across many different channels.

Every year, law firms create huge volumes of content that goes under-utilised. By maximising the value of this content, law firms can use it to engage more deeply with their existing clients and even win new business.

I wrote an article for Legal IT Professionals which outlines five reasons why content marketing will be the new norm for law firms. Head over to Legal IT Professionals to have a read.

Webinar: Legal client engagement: Let your clients reward you with their loyalty.


Ben Wightwick

Product Director at HighQ
Ben is responsible for HighQ Publisher product and the associated services delivered to its clients. Ben also provides consulting and focuses on the application of modern social and collaborative concepts usually found in the consumer world and applying them to today's typical business challenges to enhance productivity, improve both internal and external communication and knowledge management. He is more of a people person than a technologist and is driven by great user experience. He enjoys working closely with clients and colleagues to ensure the successful delivery of solutions which help clients derive the most value from their investment in HighQ software. He has over 10 years legal, social and content publishing technology experience.

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