HighQ to embed Workshare Compare Everywhere

Momentum continues as vendor community progresses toward a more unified legal environment for users and IT

ILTACON Las Vegas NV, (August 14, 2017): Workshare, the high stakes document company, today announces significant progress in their “Compare Everywhere” initiative as HighQ shares plans to embed Workshare comparison functionality in their suite of cloud-based software products that help businesses collaborate, communicate and securely share information.

Workshare’s unique and innovative comparison technology will be embedded within HighQ Collaborate, which means users will be able to perform DeltaView comparisons directly within the familiar environment of the HighQ platform.

“As end users increasingly access their solutions via their browsers and mobile devices, we see it as essential that they can leverage the power of comparison within those solutions without having to access the traditional desktop or download redlines or documents,” said Nick Thomson, CRO, Workshare. “We’re really pleased that HighQ is the latest major player to embed Workshare in the systems lawyers use every day.”

Users of HighQ products benefit from mobility, security and anywhere-access to their files. By adding comparison, HighQ users get the speed and accuracy of DeltaView without leaving the HighQ platform and without requiring any third party desktop software. As well as being a major win for end users, it simplifies the lives of IT teams.

Stuart Barr, Chief Product & Strategy Officer at HighQ, commented: “We’re impressed by how simple Workshare has made it for us to integrate valuable document comparison into our flagship systems, and we are particularly excited about the opportunity it creates to enhance the experience for the external users our clients invite to collaborate in the HighQ platform.”

“The Compare Everywhere initiative is one of the cornerstones of our mission to bring together the leading technology providers to create better experiences for end users while simplifying the world of application management and maintenance for IT. HighQ now joins the growing list of providers that are part of the program that includes iManage, Microsoft, NetDocuments, and Worldox with more news to follow,” Nick Thomson concluded.

Workshare has written a JavaScript component called DeltaView.js that shows changes between documents and makes it simple for third party platforms to integrate the full comparison functionality within their user experience with minimal coding. The benefit for end users and IT teams is significant - making it much more intuitive, removing any wasted clicks, delays, and minimizing congestion or security concerns as result of versions being passed between third party applications.

HighQ and Workshare will be showcasing these new technologies at ILTACON 2017 in Las Vegas NV, August 13 through 17. Workshare will be revealing more details about the Compare Everywhere initiative at their Solution Spotlight session Wednesday, August 16 at 11:00 am in Oceanside Ballroom C #ILTASS20.

About Workshare

Workshare is dedicated to helping professionals compare, protect and share their high stakes documents. Since 1999, Workshare has developed and released intelligent technology for business services firms. Now, more than two million professionals use Workshare around the world.

About HighQ

HighQ provides innovative enterprise collaboration and content publishing solutions to the world’s leading law firms, corporate legal teams and banks. Our secure file sharing, client extranet, matter collaboration and content marketing solutions uniquely combine enterprise-grade technology with the best ideas and user experience from consumer tools.

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