HighQ's top 5 tips for working remotely

In the office, you probably have all the technology you need at your fingertips. Now you’re out of the office, you might not be aware of the range of tools already available to help you get work done. So, we’ve come up with some top tips for how you can use HighQ to communicate and collaborate as securely and efficiently as possible.

1. Easily share files

You've made your morning coffee and booted up the laptop. First task of the day: send some large files to a client or colleague. If your client or colleague is a member of a HighQ site, you probably already know how easy it is to share a file. However, if they’re not a member of your project team or site, how do you get the file to them? And what if the file’s too large to send via email. What you need is a secure online space to send large files, and fast.

Use HighQ’s My Files feature to send large files with advanced permissions, full digital rights management, and an audit trail. Click here to learn about using My Files to share large files.


2. Communicate with your team 

Knowing the overall objectives of a project tends to keep people focused and working more efficiently. That’s because they have an end goal to work towards. This is even more critical when everyone is working remotely. Ensuring the whole team has the information they need on each project will help them feel more motivated and part of a virtual team.

Encourage team members to share ideas and opinions with one another in HighQ’s open, online environment. Use microblogging to create posts, start conversations and discuss objectives with the team. Click here to learn how to create your first microblog.


3. Online collaboration

It can sometimes feel lonely working remotely, especially if you don’t know how long it will be for and you’re not used to it. Use HighQ to help encourage online document collaboration across the team. You have several tools at your fingertips to make it easier to collaboratively create and manage content.

Google Suite: Connect your Google account in HighQ to collaborate as a team on Google Docs, Sheets and Slides that are saved simultaneously in HighQ. Watch our video to see how to do it.

Microsoft Office: Our Office add-in and advanced Office 365 integration enables you to view, create and collaboratively edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in real-time and save them in HighQ. You can also file emails and save attachments directly from Outlook. Watch our video to see how easy it is.


4. Plan your day

Ever heard the saying “fail to plan, then plan to fail”? A to-do list helps you stay motivated and maintain focus on the tasks for the day ahead. This can sometimes be hard in the comfort of your own home. 

Use our Tasks module to organise your to-do list.  It's ideal for planning your time and co-ordinating progress on projects with other members of the team. It also helps ensure everyone’s clear on who’s doing what and keeps projects on track. Click here for details on how to create your own personal task list.


5. Access from anywhere

HighQ Drive is a way to synchronise personal files for offline use quickly, safely and securely but without the need for a VPN. Gain quick and easy access to all your files from PC, Mac, Android or any iOS device. Click these links for instructions on how to download the HighQ Drive for Windows or iOS.


Let us know if you find these tips helpful. Also, feel free to share your own tips on working remotely.

James Lo

Client Success Consultant at HighQ
In his role as a client success consultant, James empowers clients with the knowledge and tools to leverage HighQ and achieve their business goals. He is passionate about building relationships, improving business processes and finding new ways to help clients get the most out of their legal technology. James holds a software engineering degree and brings more than 12 years of legal experience and law firm insight to his role.