“We’re not ready for the cloud” - overheard at LMA P3 and beyond

As I walked the expo floor at the recent Legal Marketing Association (LMA) P3 conference, I, like the other attendees and vendors, listened closely to hear new trends and insights. What better opportunity than at LMA P3? This conference, which focuses on three disciplines: project management, pricing and process improvement, draws world-class speakers, pricing analysts, legal project management experts and seasoned practice managers from some of the largest firms nationwide. And there we were together, under the gentle buzz of fluorescent lights, all seeking the same thing: innovation.

Innovation. A word that is used so often, we might not be 100% sure what exactly it means anymore, but we just know it’s what we all want—the answer to all of our problems. It’s what the attendees came to LMA P3 looking for as they sought the next big idea that would improve their efficiency, productivity and process management. As I spoke to one of these attendees, I heard a phrase that never fails to make my heart sink:

“We’re not ready for the cloud, yet.”


Luke Kopmeyer presenting a demo of HighQ


It’s not the first time I’ve heard it but each time it surprises me a little. Individually, we as consumers, take advantage of cloud-based services all the time, so why does it seem so radical to use this decades-old technology for business of law?

The objections I often hear range from skepticism of the security of cloud-based technology, to a simple preference for on-premise storage. Coming from a legal background, I understand the basis of these concerns and the challenge of introducing change into an environment that is, by definition, risk-averse. But as a self-proclaimed legal tech nerd, I simply must object.

The benefits of a cloud-based platform are overwhelming. And I urge all those who think they’re “not ready yet” to take action and get ready. It may sound harsh, but I feel strongly and here’s why:

Relationships between clients and law firms are changing, and clients are driving this change. They are constantly asking for more control, easier collaboration and clear visibility into their matters. That means you have to be adapt quickly and reliably. At the same time, clients demand incredibly high security as they entrust you with their greatest and most valuable asset—their data.

A cloud-based platform can answer both of these requirements, offering collaboration and security neatly packaged in one, user-friendly, responsive software. But for now, let’s set aside the flexibility and mind-boggling array of functionality that cloud services offer and focus on security. To help, I offer you my top five reasons to get ready for cloud-based software.


5 security reasons you should get ready for cloud-based software


1. You’ll get the best security technology

Cloud-based platforms are invested in keeping you, as the client, happy. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) vendor, we invest in only the best technology to secure your data, because even one vulnerability can send you, the client whose trust we’ve worked hard to earn, elsewhere.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, HighQ uses a defense in depth strategy. We deploy military-grade security and proprietary strategies and coding throughout the platform. We host data in the most secure environment available.

Our data centers have physical security, including around-the-clock video surveillance, credentialed entry and biometric scanning. In addition, we are also ISO 27001 certified and our data centers are SSAE 16 Type II certified. It’s truly the very best of its kind, and we’re confident that no normal onsite corporate security infrastructure can match it.


2. You won’t outgrow our network

Cloud-based solutions can scale quickly to meet your needs, so you never have to worry about whether you have the server space or infrastructure to handle that new client you’re pitching. You can just go on and grow.

Not all organizations are the same and one solution doesn’t fit all. Cloud-based platforms understand, so if your data needs change mid-stream, they can efficiently and effectively scale to meet your needs.


3. You’ll make regulatory compliance a lot easier

Data security is becoming a top priority around the world, as evidenced by data security and privacy regulations popping up around the world.

The biggest of these is GDPR. And it’s the reason your inbox has recently been clogged with policy updates from practically every company with the good fortune to have your email address.

GDPR went into effect on May 25, 2018, making compliance even more urgent. HighQ’s matter collaboration solution is GDPR compliant, which is beneficial for US companies doing business in Europe.


4. You’ll hire a veteran security team without increasing payroll

While I can’t speak specifically to the security teams of other cloud vendors, I feel confident in telling you that our team roster is full of all-stars. Seriously, they’re the 1927 New York Yankees, the Chicago Bulls of the 90’s and the Tom Brady-led Patriots of data security and they know their stuff.

Our team has an average of 15 years of experience and specialize in cryptography, security analysis, security architecture and a host of others areas that sound like they come straight from a blockbuster sci-fi movie.


5. You can put us to the test

Cloud-based platforms like HighQ can’t afford to rest, assuming that what works today will work tomorrow. We have to be ready for the next virus, the next hacker, the next threat to our data. We constantly put ourselves to the test as we perform security assessments, review processes and complete security audits to make sure your data is safe from everyday attacks.

We’re so confident, we invite clients and potential clients to audit and test our system—and they do. Some of the top law firms and financial institutions around the world have tested our platform and, without fail, we’ve risen to the challenge.


HighQ presentation at LMA P3

The potential of a secure, cloud-based collaboration platform is worth getting ready for. Because when you do finally embrace the cloud, you’ll discover new, exciting ways to approach the business of law. Perhaps it will even empower you to redefine that ideal we’re all striving for and discover true innovation for your firm.

So, if you’re ‘not ready for the cloud yet,’ I think it’s time to reconsider. Because we’re certainly ready for you.

Luke Kopmeyer

Client Success Consultant at HighQ
Luke Kopmeyer is a solutions consultant at HighQ. He has over 10 years of legal experience working as a practicing attorney, eDiscovery project manager and analytics consultant. Prior to joining HighQ in 2018, Luke earned his Relativity Expert certification and was tasked with training and development as well as analytics consulting for the client services department at Advanced Discovery. At HighQ, Luke focuses on developing innovative technology solutions for legal departments and law firms.