Connect with colleagues using mentions and hashtags

Social is literally at the centre of enterprise social collaboration. Platforms like HighQ Collaborate have built in the most useful features from popular consumer social networks to make communication and sharing as easy as possible, including mentions and hashtags.

These simple tools are the key to enabling people to connect across companies via their collaboration platform and share and collate information, news and ideas more easily.

What are mentions and hashtags?

Mentions are a way to get someone’s attention. They allow you to bring someone into a conversation or alert them to something without having to directly contact them. When you mention someone, they will instantly receive a notification and a link directing them to the message in which they were mentioned.

Hashtags on the other hand, are keywords associated with content. They enable you to connect content together by using similar keywords, or tags, to associate content with a topic or subject that would otherwise not be obviously related. This allows you to discover new content by clicking on a tag and seeing all related content also tagged with the same keyword such as files, wiki pages, blog posts.

How do I create a mention or hashtag?

In Collaborate, mentions and hashtags work the same as in social media platforms. To create a mention, start typing @ followed by the person’s name, and an auto-complete list of possible matches for people within your site will show up.

To create a hashtag, start typing # followed by the word or phrase you’d like to use, and an auto-complete list of pre-set or active hashtags will appear (or you can create a new hashtag simply by typing something that doesn’t appear in the list).

Why use mentions?

  • They are a quick and easy way of connecting and communicating with people
  • They are a way to alert someone to a comment you’ve made or wiki page you’ve written
  • You can connect colleagues by involving relevant people in conversations
  • They make it easy to recognise other colleagues’ work publicly
  • Colleagues receive instant notifications (and email alerts if they have them set up) as soon as they are mentioned
  • You can create a back-and-forth conversation that is easy to follow – it’s easy to see which comment is meant for whom

Why use hashtags?

  • They’re extremely quick and easy to use, reuse and create
  • It is easy to group relevant information in activity streams around a subject
  • They are a great way to group materials and discussions around a particular project
  • You can find people related to a particular topic or project from their hashtag usage, and can use them to discover experts in a particular subject
  • They are a free-form, user-generated way of classifying content (a folksonomy as opposed to a taxonomy)
  • They facilitate knowledge sharing by enabling people to find and contribute information
  • You can make announcements and news by using appropriate hashtags
  • They are a great barometer to gauge sentiment and what’s going on inside an organisation by seeing the tags that are being used most frequently at any given time

By simply adding one or both of these symbols to a message, you can focus your communications and get your message across to the right audience.

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Susanna James

Susanna specialises in social business and content marketing. Her expertise lies in helping companies streamline the way they work and improving how they collaborate through enterprise technologies and social tools.

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