AI Hub, more powerful data visualisation, and Microsoft Office Online integration headline HighQ releases

HighQ is excited to announce the release of the latest versions of Collaborate (4.4) and Publisher (4.7). New enhancements include the launch of AI Hub, a new offering that will become the natural interface for multiple AI engines, Office Online integration and powerful advancements to its data visualisation engine.

Publisher (4.7) includes a new People Directory that can be added to intranets and websites to help clients connect with legal talent or employees find co-workers. It also adds the ability to push online forms data into Collaborate’s iSheets module, building an even tighter alignment between the products.

Here are the highlights:

Introducing AI Hub

AI Hub

The AI Hub allows HighQ’s own AI functionality and supported third-party AI engines to be integrated seamlessly into processes and workflows within the HighQ platform.

In the initial release, HighQ has integrated with Kira Systems so users can automatically push documents from HighQ into Kira for analysis. HighQ then stores the enriched data in the AI Hub, so you can access the information and visualise it graphically—this new capability is ideal for automating and simplifying transactional and other processes like due diligence, document and contract review, contract management, knowledge management and so on.

Visualise even more data on your dashboards

Visualize data in dashboards

The newest version of Collaborate includes data visualisation enhancements that make the dashboard panel even more powerful, flexible and dynamic. You can now visualise information from the Tasks module and AI Hub, in addition to data contained in iSheets.

Work collaboratively using Microsoft Office Online

Work collaboratively with Office Online

HighQ and Office Online now integrate, so you can view, create and collaboratively edit documents using the online versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Once you’ve connected your Office 365 account, all you need is a desktop browser.

Send multiple documents to multiple recipients with DocuSign

Send multiple documents to multiple people with DocuSign

Improved electronic signature integration with DocuSign empowers you to complete approvals, agreements and transactions faster by making it simple to select multiple files and send them to multiple recipients for signing. As you’re sending them, you can indicate exactly where the documents need to be signed for greater clarity.

Schedule and view your tasks in a timeline

Schedule and view tasks in timeline

Good project management involves advance planning; so we’ve enhanced the Tasks module to enable you to view your tasks, grouped by assignee and list, in a timeline view of the project. You can now set start and end dates for project tasks that you want to schedule ahead of time, enabling you to better plan for deadlines, set expectations and work within budget.

Discover experts faster with People Directory


Showcase your experts by creating your own directory using the latest enhancement that sits at the heart of your portal, intranet or website. With People Directory, your audience can connect with your talent and employees can find co-workers through a variety of criteria, including practice area, expertise and location.

Connect Publisher forms with Collaborate iSheets

Connect Publisher to iSheet

The newest version of Publisher enables you to collect information through our public-facing, user-friendly electronic forms and store that data directly into iSheets. Collaborate and Publisher clients can then easily manage the captured data, report on it, and visualise the aggregated data as animated graphs and charts.

For more information, be sure to visit What’s New in Collaborate and What’s New in Publisher on our website.

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